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WinUAE Loader is a WinUAE launcher for arcade cabinets. It supports GameBase Amiga, SPS and WHDLoad game sets and allows you to remap input to suit arcade controls.


  • Map inputs to any arcade control panel layout (default set for IPAC)
  • Support for GameBase Amiga, WHDLoad, SPS and DemoBase Amiga game sets
  • Global exit key (default ESC)
  • Single button Disk Swapper (default 'P')
  • Mouse emulation (use Joystick for mouse games)
  • Ability to hide CLI when launching WHDLoad games
  • Includes databases for the GameEx frontend
  • Renames artwork such as title screens, screenshots and box art to match game filenames
  • Can update data files dynamically using the GameBase Amiga database
  • Run games in the configuration gui for testing



WinUAELoader.exe [-mode [gamebase | whdload | sps | demobase | auto]] -rom "file"


WinUAELoader.exe -mode whdload -rom ""
WinUAELoader.exe -rom ""

Run WinUAELoader.exe to show the configuration gui

Release Notes

31-03-2013 v1.78 - Updated video options
24-11-2011 v1.77 - Integrated UAE Config Creator
03-09-2011 v1.76 - New "-mode auto" command line option for detecting the type of game
02-09-2011 v1.75 - New option under Config tab to disable uae config overwriting
01-04-2011 v1.74 - Enable & Disable Input and Display options
10-09-2010 v1.73 - Added support for editing the .uae files
07-09-2009 v1.72 - Fixed bug in artwork converter and artwork may not be in subfolders
24-07-2009 v1.71 - Fixed command line options for WinUAE 1.6+ (Thanks Greg)
16-05-2009 v1.70 - Added support for DemoBase Amiga
21-11-2008 v1.62 - Force closing of WHDLoad when WinUAE exits
07-07-2008 v1.61 - Removed "-1 Players" from GameEx database
01-07-2008 v1.6 - Updated GameBase Amiga database to 2.6. Added support for GameEx's new database format.
16-06-2008 v1.52 - Separated screen, depth and refresh rates. Added 50Hz (PAL) support.
08-05-2008 v1.51 - Fixed bug when display not set launching from command line
30-04-2008 v1.5 - Added extra display options
07-02-2008 v1.41 - Added variable mouse speed
07-02-2008 v1.4 - Mouse emulation added (use joystick for mouse games)
07-02-2008 v1.39 - Converting artwork now places files in separate folders for GameBase/WHDLoad/SPS
05-02-2008 v1.38 - Fixed input mapping bug
03-02-2008 v1.37 - Added support for Boxscan artwork
03-02-2008 v1.36 - Added filtering for GameEx map generation.
03-02-2008 v1.35 - Can now select from Title Screen, Screenshot 1 or 2 screenshot formats
02-02-2008 v1.34 - Can now convert screenshots without GameBase Amiga database
02-02-2008 v1.33 - Bug fixes
01-02-2008 v1.32 - Changed Input Mapping defaults so there is less chance of a conflict
01-02-2008 v1.31 - Added friendly error message in log when game is not found
31-01-2008 v1.3 - Added single button disk swapper
31-01-2008 v1.21 - Fix for simultaneous games that don't use two joysticks
31-01-2008 v1.2 - Removed "Force Use Mouse". Now you can set any control for port0/port1. If you want the mouse permanently in port0 just set it to Mouse.
31-01-2008 v1.1 - Mouse is now disabled for simultaneous games. Added delete temp files for WHDLoad. Two player game ports are now swapped over. New "Force Use Mouse" option to turn on mouse for all games.
30-01-2008 v1.02 - Fixes to when the control key is used in input mappings
30-01-2008 v1.01 - Fixed control error in databases
30-01-2008 v1.0 - Added auto switching for PAL/NTSC
30-01-2008 v0.91 BETA - Added "Generate Map Files" with ability to remove missing games for GameEx. Key mapping is not turned off when WinUAE is not running.
30-01-2008 v0.90 BETA - First Release


WinUAE Loader supports 4 Amiga rom sets

  1. GameBase Amiga (4924 roms)
  2. KillerGorilla's WHDLoad set (2177 roms)
  3. SPS (2028 roms)
  4. DemoBase Amiga (18010 roms)
  • Get the GameBase Amiga set from
  • Get the WHDLoad set from
  • SPS set can be found on some torrent sites
  • DemoBase Amiga set can be found at (Username: amiga Password: eab)
  • You can find screenshots and dat files @ (use CLRMame or ROMCentre to fix your game set)
  • You need to place the Kickstart ROMs into WinUAELoader\WHD\Devs\Kickstarts (these are not included)

Copy them to WinUAELoader\WHD\Devs\Kickstarts\ and rename them as follows

kick34005.A500 <-- Actual ROM (Kickstart v1.3 rev 34.5 (1987)(Commodore)(A500-A1000-A2000-CDTV).rom)
kick40068.A1200 <-- Actual ROM (Kickstart v3.1 rev 40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A1200).rom)
kick40068.A4000 <-- Actual ROM (Kickstart v3.1 rev 40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A4000).rom)

- The GameEx files you need are in WinUAELoader\Data\GameEx

* The .mdb's go into GameEx\DATA\EMULATORS

  • WinUAELoader\Data\GameEx\DATA\EMULATORS\[PC] Commodore Amiga (GameBase).mdb
  • WinUAELoader\Data\GameEx\DATA\EMULATORS\[PC] Commodore Amiga (SPS).mdb
  • WinUAELoader\Data\GameEx\DATA\EMULATORS\[PC] Commodore Amiga (WHDLoad).mdb
  • WinUAELoader\Data\GameEx\DATA\EMULATORS\[PC] Commodore Amiga (DemoBase).mdb


  • WinUAELoader\Data\GameEx\IMPORT-EXPORT\[PC] Commodore Amiga (GameBase).ini
  • WinUAELoader\Data\GameEx\IMPORT-EXPORT\[PC] Commodore Amiga (SPS).ini
  • WinUAELoader\Data\GameEx\IMPORT-EXPORT\[PC] Commodore Amiga (WHDLoad).ini
  • WinUAELoader\Data\GameEx\IMPORT-EXPORT\[PC] Commodore Amiga (DemoBase).ini

Import them using the Setup Wizard or Advanced Configuration application. Make sure you set your paths correctly.

The default paths assume you have the following file structure


  • To set your options in the wrapper run WinUAELoader.exe
  • Don't forget to set all your paths
  • Use the "Convert Artwork" tool to convert the Screenshots, Title Screens & Boxscan for GameEx
  • You can use the "Run Game" under Game Testing in Tools to test games before you run them in GameEx. I suggest you do that before attempting to run them in GameEx.
  • You can use the "Input Mappings" to map keys to anything you want. Default settings are for X-Arcade -> IPAC. Note: You need to tick the "Enabled" checkbox to actually turn mappings on for that input profile.
  • You don't need to set the "GameBase Amiga Database File" because it's not needed. It's only necessary for the Tools->Generate Game Lists (which is only needed when a new version of the GameBase Amiga database comes out)


Download WinUAE Loader v1.78