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GameEx - GameEx Login

GameEx Login

This program allows you to have multiple users in GameEx each with their own game lists and favourites. You can have up to 10 users including a "Default" login, select a custom username and avatar and password protect certain users. This should be good for people who have children and want to have a gamelist that does not have adult games, but also another password protected login with them included.

All user administration such as adding, deleting and editing users is done inside the program using a password protected Admin password. It also has the ability to shutdown the computer.
  • Just copy the contents of the zip into the GameEx folder (default "C:\Program Files\GameEx") and then run "Login.exe" instead of "GameEx.exe". It should be fine to use with a program like Instant Sheller to launch it when the PC boots.
  • Once you login under a user you can either configure the user in GameEx with the Advanced Configuration application or exit and run the Setup Wizard. You must login under the user before you can configure them.


Download Version 1.1.4